Monday, September 18, 2006

Homework Horror

So last night we got an urgent phone call from a friend. Apparently his daughter-a bright fourth grader, was having homework trouble and her parents were stumped. It was a typical “complete-the-sentence” exercise…but with a twist. The sentence starters were:

1. I had a text to text (TTT) connection when……
2. I had a text to self (TTS) connection when…….
3. I had a text to world (TTW) connection when……

Yeanhhh! What were they talking about? Was this a reading/comprehension exercise or were they teaching kids how to SMS efficiently? Some frantic googling and head scratching later, we had established that it was indeed a reading/comprehension exercise. It took us some time to figure it out and after that it was a matter of a phone call and the homework was done. It seems that the child had been sent home with a reading list which she had dutifully finished reading and had also picked a favorite story for the purposes of the exercise. To her credit she had also figured out the text to self (TTS) bit without any help. Did I mention that these connections were not explained at school? Anyway, if you still want to know what TTT, TTS and TTW mean here is a translation in the context of a a general story:

1. TTT: Does this story remind you of any other story?
2. TTS: Does this story remind you of any experiences or events in your life or do you relate to any of the characters or events in the story?
3. TTW: How does this story relate to the world around you?

I am still not convinced that the esteemed school board and its assorted lot of teachers understand that their little charges are creatures of blood and sinew and not plastic, silicone and wire. How else does one explain this systematic breakdown of information into byte sized packets of machine readable code? I would rather stay illiterate than be stilted into expressing my emotions with the help of this garbled gobbledygook every time I read a book, watch a movie or listen to some beautiful movie. Thank Heavens! I am done with school.

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Perspective Inc. said...

Your post made me realize how glad Iam to be done with school too!