Saturday, September 09, 2006

Good Morning

Last evening after some hectic gymming and some not so hectic table tennis I was super excited to do something unusual. So I wore a 15 minutes flat and went the whole nine yards too (with the jewllery and high heels if you must know). Anyone who knows me will tell you that a sari and me are not the best of friends. I wear one only when I have to and I make sure I have an army of supporters, helpers around to do my biddding while I get draped. There might have been techincal flaws in my drape but it looked okay and held tight. Besides we felt very grown up and lady like as we sashayed from Nandini and Rajesh's (where we went later on) living room to the kitchen and back. Small crisis occured later when we binged on the dosas and moong dal curry and were quite near bursting; so the next time around we will have to eat like a lady too.

And now I am off to release some of my inner goddess at my Goddess Dance class.

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Joy Forever said...

Hey! I am done with your tag. :)