Monday, September 11, 2006

Ellicott City Pictures

Here's what is called a Patel picture, just to establish our geographical location.

Like any other town established before dynamite was invented, Ellicott City roads have crazy elevations and buildings that sprout out of jagged little hills. This church building looked really pretty, but I just could not get a clear shot without the overhead power lines jutting in.

If it were not Nobel and his dynamite, half our city streets would probably still look like this.

A constant motif was this grugling stream that followed through the city and under most of the buildings. A gentle reminder of the days when this was an important mill town of Maryland. And in case you did not know, Ellicott City was voted the fourth best US city to live in.

There is not much to do here except shopping for antiques. The bubbleman provides a nice diversion. Look closely the big bubble is has baby bubbles.

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