Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Calling All Ye Time Travel Enthusiasts

The Boy and I are interested in participating in a day long, Amazing Race like event that Prince George's County is organising on September 16th. We need two more people to make a team and since this blog draws a lot of readership from the MD-NOVA-DC area (if that does not make sense to you, stop wasting any more time here) I decided to put in a call for help. Remember this is a day long event with an entry fee of $7.50/head, so if you have comittment issues think twice before making up your mind. We would prefer another couple as the math would be simpler but are equally open to nice, friendly and not overtly creepy single people*. For further details click here. I have the registration form and am willing to submit it in person on behalf of the team. So if you are up for it, feel free to leave a comment or email me by Thursday, 7th September.

The website is a little moody at times so here's what they say about the race:
"Teams of four people will travel through Prince George's County in this one-day contest, stopping at historic sites where they will face a series of unique and interactive history challenges--both mental and physical. When a team successfully completes an assigned challenge at a site, they will follow clues to the next secret historic destination. The first team across the finish line wins! Advance registration is required; the fee is just $30 per team of four people.

The Time Travel Challenge will be a combination of both physical and mental challenges. Some of the components of the race may include, but are not limited to:
Getting Wet
Carrying objects up to thirty (30) pounds
Climbing obstacles
Working with tools such as hammers and saws
Solving riddles or puzzles

For more information call: 301-952-8010/TTY 301-699-2544 "

* Yes, unfortunately that is a requirement.


M (tread softly upon) said...

That sounds like fun. Unfortunately couldn't get B excited enoughto do cross country across maryland! Esp with my in laws here now :)
Hope you have great fun and do update.

Anyesha said...

m: thanks for trying, but does not look like we wil be going either.