Thursday, August 24, 2006

She Really Likes Cooking?

I love everything about food, from cooking to grocery shopping. I can spend hours in the produce section selecting vegetables. I also spend hours poring over food related trivia on the Internet and usually eat my weekend lunch in front of the TV while Jacques Pepin cooks lovely meals in a studio somewhere. I find cooking at the end of a tiring work day relaxing. I try to be conscientious about my food choices, picking Tilapia over other fish as it is environmentally friendly and generally refraining from purchasing/consuming red meat. I try to buy local farm produce during the few months of the year that it is available. Mc Donalds and Olive Garden are the same as far as I am concerned(read: will not eat there for a million dollars, okay might reconsider for a million, but only for a million or more) and in case I forgot to mention I love eating out and trying new places.

Now if I were to state all of the above in a social setting, the “working” women in the crowd would erupt into howls of disbelief, followed by protestations about the drudgery involved along with much rolling of the eyes, nudging of the elbows etc. etc. Here are some of the classic questions (I usually give up by question number 3 or 4 and start looking for an aspirin) with translations for the uninititated.

Working Woman: I totally hate cooking.
Subliminal Subtext: Never heard of Lean Cuisine, what a shame?

Working Woman: How do you find the time to do all this?
Subliminal Subtext: Do you have a college degree or what?

Working Woman: My husband/ boyfriend/fiancé loves cooking and feeding me.
Subliminal Subtext: Where did you find your caveman? Should have listened to your mamma.

Working Woman: Wow! This* is sooooo good, where did you learn to cook this well?
Subliminal Subtext: Oh! well, you must be one of those Cinderella type, kitchen drudges. Only Cinderella was pretty and she got that Prince to rescue her. You just got a caveman.

Working Woman: You must really love good food.
Subliminal Subtext: You love stuffing your face. You should seriously check out Lean Cuisine, it will do you a fat lot of good (oops! wrong choice of words).

Working Woman: Cooking at home is so healthy; besides you guys must be saving a lot.
Subliminal Subtext: Yep! You are cheap. THE ULTIMATE DIG

* refers to the masticated remains of my delicate fish fry, which are currently residing in her mouth.


wandering dervish said...


Subhamoy Pal said...

I cook sometimes too. . .

Joy Forever said...

Oh, that was real funny... and you know what, I'm a big fan of your other blog.
I also like cooking, and try to avoid unhealthy food. However, it will be a lie to say I enjoy cooking after a busy day at work. My rule is, if I can come home by 8:00 then I cook, otherwise... well, God created something called Maggi.

Kumari said...

Funny post :D

I love doing everything that you have mentioned w.r.t food :) I usually don't like cooking at night unless it's a new recipe i want to try out or if I've been home all day.
But i love cooking fresh meals for work everyday( tho am not sure how long i can continue that).

Somehow the fact that I am emulating my mom who cooked all our lunches and packed them by 7am everyday and then left for work, gives me a rush :)

I guess some just don't get it :)
Happy cooking!

M (tread softly upon) said...

*lol* Well "caveman" got a good deal in that case :) Also enjoyed reading his weak defense :))

Anyesha said...

wandering dervish: we try!

subhamoy pal: Awww...yes you do!

joy forever: minor correction, God made Man, Man made Maggi. Now try singing that to Anu Malik's famous tune!!

kumari: yes, some people just don't understand that women's liberation/emanicipation has nothing to do with their ability to cook themselves a nice meal.

m: In defense of my caveman, he is actually a pretty good cook known to rustle up a mean pasta, a good stir fry and this amazing olive and tuna concoction at very short notice. And to his credit he does it with just one pot.