Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Random Ikea Post

[Warning: This post is solely dedicated to those who come here looking for ways to fix their Malm bed (you know who you are). Thanks for stopping by and its nice to know that you folks make up about 40 percent of my readership that comes through via Google.]

So on my last visit (to fix my retail therapy itch) I bought a pair of nice cushion covers, a bag of their coffee, two bottles of Kristian Regale sparkling apple and peach drinks, a box of scented tealights and a candle dish. Just tried the coffee and its quite decent. Atleast its better than the bulk Maxwell House bile that is usually brewed at work. The cushion covers look pretty and scented candles smell nice. Now what?

PS: Just in case you are wondering, my retail therapy itches can be cured rather cheaply, sometimes handing over just 10 dollars of my money to some big corporation will do it for me.

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Bidi-K said...

I really need a trip to Ikea, its been too long! Just got the new catalog and already have my eye on some new entries :)