Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One Year Ago on an August Evening...

the Boy and I stood around in a cavernous room full of medical equipment, a rather calm nurse, a worried father and a very, very pregnant mom. We fiddled and ho hummed and as the going got worse we hurried out. I bawled as much as the mom in the throes of labour and the Boy got us some hot chocolate. After the bawling and chocolate were dispensed with, we welcomed little Anika in to our world, exactly one year and three days ago. Over the last one year, we have seen her grow and her Dad break all previously held speeding records on the Beltway at the merest hint of a wail (okay, it was not a hint but a mighty big wail). We have become a little more confident about holding her. The Boy and I have also become pretty good at instantly baby proofing our place. The algorithm is something like this:

1. Take everything at or within 2 feet from the floor level and place it on top of the book shelf.

2. Wait for Anika to come and if she still manages to find something (the last time around she took a sudden fancy to the beets in the kitchen) then pry that from her and place it on the bookshelf.

3. When its time to leave, go to the top of the book shelf and look around for stuff that has been accidentally placed there during the evening, like Daddy's wallet or his phone or the housekeys.

So this weekend, after a year we joined a little group of friends in celebrating her first birthday. We grilled some chicken, ate loads of samosas and later in the evening, the Boy played us some music on Anika's toy keyboard. Anika showed her appreciation by waddling over and banging a little on the keys. Now go ahead and do the "Awww...choo chweeet" routine.

And here's another little something about the red train wagon I posted sometime back. Well, its in Old Town Bowie and serves as the Town Musueum. If you want to spend a lazy weekend afternoon window shopping, then it does not get better than this. Browse through the antique stores at a leisurely pace, sip some tea at Retro Tea Room (but not for long, its slated to close down soon I am told) and generally take in the quiet surroundings. The antiques here are of the homey sort that are probably anywhere from a hundred to forty years old. Its definetely not high end, but that adds to the charm. The Old Bowie Town Grille I am told by many is a good place to relax. They have live music most evenings and have lunch on weekends but dinner every day.

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