Thursday, August 10, 2006

On Creating Traditions

What had started out as an yearly get together for five friends has slowly morphed into an annual tradition of our own. Come Thanksgiving, the five of us meet up, cook some great food, watch pirated Saif Ali Khan movies and relive our college days. The cold weekend is also very, very conducive to staying indoors and catching up on 365 days worth of gossip.

The foodies in the group start obsessing about the menu weeks in advance and responsibilities are split. Friends of the hosts are also roped in to help. Last year, the pumpkin pie was flown in, in a pureed state and assembled at the venue. This year we will fly into Chicago a day early, spend some time with our friends there and then head out for Houghton, Michigan the next day. Now Houghton, Michigan is pretty close to the far end of the world as far as we are concerned but we shall drive for more than nine hours through wintry conditions to meet a friend, because some traditions are simply worth it.


Kumari said...

I agree :) Some traditions are truly worth it :D

Joy Forever said...

I wish I could join you :)

Bidi-K said...

have fun! and i loved your earlier post too. btw did the tag sometime ago.