Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Missed Connections

Here's the modern day version of a message-in-a-bottle. Its good fun if you have time to spare and nothing better to do with it. I just finished trawling through endless messages about nudges, winks and glances shared on the Metro and I am dumbstruck. All I ever encounter on the Metro are gloriously fat, half way dysfunctional families on their annual educational tour to DC, loud obnoxious teenagers, smelly homeless people or oversized, orphaned underwear! This is totally unfair cause we all know that nothing is more amusing than watching young (and not so) things go through the excutiating hoops of that sordid ritual called courting, the first part of which apparently starts with flexing some minor muscle on the Metro.

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M (tread softly upon) said...

You're kidding! Had no idea that I could have found the cute guy on the Metro had I just trawled through Craigslist! This is so enlightening :))