Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hot Thoughts

Look what the recent heat wave did to my chilli pepper, it was bright green one day and the very next day it was red hot. Yikes, at this rate we should be talking about Global Boiling and not Global Warming.
Off late, I have been staying indoors (with the AC chugging away at full blast) and complaining about the 100+ temperatures, the heat index and how the planet will blow itself up anyway. All this after surviving Pilani summers for four years without any air conditioning? What have I become? And this is the part that bothers me the most, my ecological footprint was much smaller then (0.7 compared to a honking 16 now), yet I think I complain more now. I am more aware of my environment now than before. I try to do all the right things like recyling and driving a fuel efficient car, but by virtue of living in a first world society I am still utilising the resources worth 16 acres of land. The average person in US has a eco footprint of about 24 acres per person but that comparison does not please me. Posted by Picasa

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Joy Forever said...

What irony! Here in Hyderabad we've had a cyclonic disturbance and it had been raining for the last one week. The temperature dipped, the coconut oil froze and we have been wearing half sweaters and jackets in the early mornings and late nights.
It has stopped raining finally, but it's still windy and cloudy. Though I like the chilly weather, I'd probably prefer a little more of the sun.