Thursday, August 17, 2006

August Means Airport Pickups

If you don't live in an university town, let me explain how this works. Every year around August new students start flying in from India. The local graduate student association extends the basic courtesy of an airport pick-up and temporary housing to all incoming students. Luckily for them, some students usually opt out as they have family in the area. The pick-up duties for the remaining are then distributed equitably (sometimes even non equitably) among the volunteers. Temporary housing is also similarly distributed. The Boy and I are no longer in a position to offer temporary accomodation due to our apartment size, but airport pickups are manageable. Besides one gets to meet a new person and the one hour journey back is full of questions related to accomodations, TA's, RA's cooking turns etc. etc. the answers to which we have mastered. So last week we went to Dulles and recieved a tired young man who had spent more time in queues at Heathrow than in flight(thanks to the terror alerts). It was nice. And like previous years, the new entrants into the system are the also most visible ones. The bus stops are full of men and women, all scrubbed and shiny at eight in the morning. Soon they will imibibe the wisdom of those who came before them and hopefully they will stop being so squeaky clean at that hour.


M (tread softly upon) said...

*lol* the squeaky clean and freshly scrubbed look....totally agree with that. We learn and learn and learn.

Anonymous said...

Hmm .. I wish I had studied in the US. Never mind ..
And heyy I forgot, I tried Indique .. What should I say .. The food was slurp slurp! My normally unapproving Mumbaiyya girl gave a 9 for the bhel and an 8+ for the appams ..

Anyesha said...

m: Its almost like everyone is reliving their "fresher" phase of first year college and they expect to get ragged.

anon: That's great...good to know you (and your girl)enjoyed Indique.