Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lest I Forget

  • Thank you MI 3 -its cool to have Ethan Hunt do what I do for a living, that is when he is not getting himself or the Bay Bridge blown to bits.
  • If there aren't 57 vareities of Heinz Ketchup then why do the Heinz guys keep bragging about it on their bottle? Old Man Heinz got carried away about 100 years ago, so what?
  • An Incovenient Truth is a darn good movie, so good that the Boy has been muttering Global Warming under his breath ever since. Go watch it and if you are an American citizen you are hereby granted special permission to weep copiously at the very end to lament the pathetic electoral choice of your country folk.
  • Jonathan Rhys Myers is very cute (looks slightly evil though)...nah, I would not have forgotten that one.
  • Its one thing for the mighty Smithsonian Institution to be besotted with a rustic beauty from Pakistan but an annual Public Display of Affection (aka PDA ) is just excessive, shameful and wildly predictable?
  • And Superman is back from his vacation on Krypton, where he apparently OD-ed on the complete Mills and Boone collection of sappy romances and discovered a whole new world of heroes with brazenly muscular arms, swooning ladies in lovingly clingy dresses and midnight waltzes under a starlight sky. Ewwww!!!
  • My chilly pepper plant is depressed. The flowers just wither and die away. Anyone know why?
  • Cubed red potatoes (with skin on) and blanched orange caulifower florets when baked at 350 F with a mixture of cayenne pepper, cumin, nigella, ginger, hing, tomato paste and a bayleaf or two sauteed in 3 tbsps of melted ghee makes for a great dining experience and a fragrant kitchen.
  • Rice is not a good choice where fiercely independent two year olds are concerned unless you consider cleaning sticky, mushed up rice from the floor therapeutic after a nice dinner.

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Rambler said...

Hi Anyesha

About the pepper plant, it could be tiny bugs. My jasmine and palm displayed similar symptoms and I sprayed them with a bug spray and (touchwood) they seem to have perked up. Will send the name of the bug spray when I get home.