Thursday, July 13, 2006

I am Still

a wee bit mad and for all those folks who wondered what was up with me....well nothing much. Except the fact that the radio drones on about the evils of terrorism while an ill informed colleague with the world view of a myopic rhinocerous clucks and tch-tch's about the Mumbai blasts, the theatres are showing degrading muck like 'Little Man" and the mercury has been hitting the 100 F mark quite regularly here. DEPRESSING.

After spending a weekend in the shade, consuming slightly chilled and rather delish mangoes, the clouds of gloom are lifting. I have decided to ignore the newspapers for a while and indulge in the trivial and frivoulous, not that we were indulging in much metaphysics earlier. So here's what's keeping my brain cells ticking off late:
  • Congealed, black coffee in a styrofoam cup is an accquired taste . And when the concoction is so cold that you can admire its tar like consistency ...yep, definetely not for everyone .
  • What is with this "high rate of speed' business? Off late I have noticed most cops use this language as do the bozos who anchor news shows on TV. Speed by virtue of its being is a rate, so calling it a high rate of speed is kind of redundant. Now if you want to express the fact that the speed was changing, use the terms accelerating and deccelerating that physicists invented ages ago. Or if some one was going above the speed limit, just use the word "speeding", not "high rate of speed".
  • This blog has become a virtual wish list...not bad. My newly accquired set of parents have bought me a whistling kettle which is all shiny and cute. And considering the fact that this blog has been blocked in Islamabad for ages now, its a really sweet gesture....Thanks.
  • Carefree romps about swashbuckling heroes, head strong heroines and doped out pirates go terribly awry when the above mentioned sterotypes start falling into 21st-century-soap-opera style love with each other. Oops! I have said enough, no more.


Phantoms and Voices said...

Your blog has been blocked in Islamabad ... Dude! that is sooooo coool!!!!

Anyesha said...

Dude! where haveyou been...blogs have been blocked in pakistan for ages now.

Joy Forever said...

That's no news. The news is, now blogs have been blocked in India too!