Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Haven't Blogged About...

the movies we have been watching for some time now. The lack of and-we-watched-this-or-that type of posts can be explained by the words SATC*. It started harmlessly with a couple of late shows on TV, soon we were staying up late to catch the shows and before we knew SATC had hijacked our Netflix account. For us, 2006 will forever be the year when "Sex and The City" caught up with us or rather we caught up with the hit series from nearly a decade ago.

Apart from SATC there is the post Oscar drought when the rivulet of good releases dries up. And since we hate wasting money on the "soon-to-be released-on-DVD" flops that usually mark this time of the year, we are left with a decent bank balance (yipee!!) and a strange feeling in our stomachs every weekend when our usual dinner and a movie outing gets shortened to only dinner for the lack of anything decent to watch.

However we still managed to watch a few good ones this weekend. We started of with "Cars", the newest flick from the whizkids at Pixar. Its no "Toy Story" or "Finding Nemo" infact children might get a bit bored, but it does have a few thoughtful moments and brings up some important urban planning issues (who would have thunk?). We also watched a German film called"Nowhere in Africa". Its one of the few films that deal with the Holocaust from the point of view of a survivor who is left a refugee. And like most European films, the children in this movie are treated intelligently and not mollycoddled. Continuing with the European theme, I watched "To Be and To Have" a French documentary about an old fashioned one room school in Northern France. Really sweet and moving till I read this...spoils the nice aftertaste left by the movie. The Boy passed on this one as he was very busy.

And since this is a post about movies, here are a few more:
Water~ beautiful movie with an unbelievably beautiful cast..but it works overall.
Friends With Money ~waste of money,yours as well as your friends
The Way We Were ~tried to watch this one- failed miserably
Must Love Dogs~lovey dovey rom-com with hardly any doggie presence..suscpicious
What's Cooking~heartwarming Thanksgiving movie, loved it more than Pieces of April
Farewell My Concubine~Chinese sexuality 101...could not watch this one
The New World~Its a chick flick, its a chick flick...with unwashed heroes

* If they mean nothing to you...Oh!, you poor, miserable child you!!


Anonymous said...

SATC. Same story here. Played catch up here the whole of last fall/winter till I got absa-f***ing-lutely confused about who's sleeping with whom or why or where or when. Good part is Netflix lived up to expectations.
Da Vinci - didn't like that much, though it does justice to the book.
Cars - u sure it's good? Was planning. Love Pixar!

Anonymous said...

Dinner and a movie reminds me .. Any good joints u guys visited of late? I remember Jaleo, Zaitinya (both in the NW quarter) and a Thai place near the Capitol. First two are slurp slurp!
And a Middle Eastern place - Prince - one Wisconsin & M. The belly dancer's exotic. At midnight Fri-Sun. Ask for Indian food.

wandering dervish said...

you didn't like farewell my concubine!*shakes head vigorously in disbelief*

Anyesha said...

anon:Cars is totally worth it. And coming to DC food, one of our favourites for Indian has been Indique in Cleveland Park. Prince Cafe totally ripped us, hence we are never ever going back there...even the wandering dervish knows!!

wandering dervish: na became a little too explicit for me and I gave up...might give it a try later some day.

Rambler said...

To say that prince cafe sucks, is a kind understatement. The food is a weird hybrid of india plus pak plus aghanistan plus random continents, the lighting is terrible and the hygiene too!

love indique, but not their seafood. never seen an indian place that rustles up tolerable seafood. any suggestions!

read your post on cupcakes... balducci (formerly called sutton place) has great rasberry chocolate cupcakes.

Anyesha said...

rambler: I was being polite I guess, as we are never ever going back. Bad food is excusable once, but bad service is inexcusable...period. Anyhoo, coming to seafood, we have heard awesome things (from hardcore fish lovers) about the whole steamed fish at Penang's in Bethesda. However the Boy and I could never muster up the courage to order it.

Rambler said...

Anyesha- Thanks for the hint. Will try out Penang. On an aside-Cafe India (in laurel) has good chaat and an awesome goat curry. BTW love the blogs (both this one and the cooking one)!