Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The (A)Political Me

I like to keep my political views to myself and tend to share it only with people who agree..I hate arguments. I usually try to keep this space suitably trivial and apolitical, but here's something that made my day. A few days back, this innocent piece got me totally riled up...yes, nothing riles me up like a hearty dose of good old fashioned patriotism. But then someone did say that patriotism is nothing but the love of the foods we had as children or something along those lines.


Amlan said...

The mango speculation is alarming, especially if the lure for $$ indeed does reduce bio-diversity. I could speculate even further and suggest that next they'll want to genetically modify mangoes to not have seeds, patent it ... (maybe I should copyright the idea right away!)

Lets not get carried away and enjoy the mangoes as they finally make it to American shores.

Ishan said...

Did someone forget the $8 cashews at CostCo.

Supratik said...

The idea is not totally false. Something similar has happened with shrimps in India.

Ayush said...

Hmm, interesting debate I read on that mango blog.

If only there was 'fair trade' for the farmers, I would love the idea of the deal. (otherwise, I will just be selfish and love the mangoes)

The issues are complex, and having been lately accused to swinging too far to the left, and being anti-corporate.. I will not bash the mango deal.

the basic idea I see is hope and intent. If the deal is with good intent (something we would never know), and if it gives the farmers hope (and money: agian something we will never know) then it is a good thing ...

right now mangoes are not high on the list. I am more riled up about becktel, haliburton, exxon and "big" corporations ...

anyways, I am off the the local desi grocery store to pick a couple of imported desi stuff.

On another note: watch "born in Brothels" - its a good documentary