Friday, June 30, 2006

The Anatomy of a Downpour

First the skies turn a heavy shade of grey, accentuating the green in the trees. Flattered by the light, the treetops might even start swaying and dancing. Soon it will start raining, the wet bedraggled birds will look on dejctedly, the squirrels will hide in the bushes and the storm drains will overflow creating little rivulets through our perfectly manicured lawns.

As the rains die down, while the last drops will cling hard to the steel rails a defiant spider will try hard to hold on to its wispy web. They will soon learn what I did in middle school- about gravity and its humiliating ways.Up in the skies, the sun's battle with the clouds creates this. You remember V-I-B-G-Y-O-R and the many phsyics classes that were devoted to the clinical dissection of something this beautiful.
Soon there is another one but this one is R-O-Y-G-B-I-V, you say proudly. You vaguely remember the analysis, the reasoning, the mechanism. You make a mental note to look it up later...some habits die hard.
And in this light even your corner garden glows beautifully. The sweet smelling jasmine buds open up stealthily, just when you look away...
The herbs, the money plant from Grad school days, the replacement pepper plant for the Boy and and Rono-the Nordic garden gnome to gaurd them all.


Joy Forever said...

As I have said before, I say it again: You take beautiful photos. You have the 'eye' to see things as a photographer does... keep it up!

Bidi-K said...

the skies, the awesome light, a deluge of water, the fresh smell of earth, i love it so much when it rains especially if someone also makes the pakoras! will get down to the tag soon, its the first time you know, thanks!

Cacophoenix said...

I run with my jasmine plant around the house to the best light source. I put it out in the rain, I keep talking to it. It has been hearing a lot of sports news of late, and suprisingly starting to bloom profusely. Whadya know, I have a sports freak at!!!

Anyesha said...

joy forever: Thank you but to be honest the first picture was clicked by the Boy.And btw, I loved your pictures too.

bidi-k: No problem, do the tag whenever you feel like. And look what you've have reminded me of what I am missing-pakoras*goes off to howl away her sorrows*

cacophoenix: now that you know, you could play recorded match commentaries to your plant.