Monday, May 22, 2006

Part Three - Carry Me Back to the Beautiful

It was still Spring in the mountains. The cooler mountain slopes were holding on to the browns and earthy reds of winter, reluctant to let the lime greens of spring in while the warmer slopes had already given up and turned a lush green .

In the early morning light, the mountains took on various shades of blue. This is the view from the top of Lewis Mountain which was a pleasant 15 minute walk from our cabin. We enjoyed the silence and our morning muffins on the ledge in the company of ants and birds.

Wildflowers were strewn across the valley floor, in hidden crevices under decaying trees, by a gurgling mountain spring....signs of life.

I even made myself a little bouquet of wildflowers while hiking. On this particular occasion we had decided to hike to an old cemetery only we could not find it. The trail however led us to a charming Ranger's cabin with a nearly 180 degree view of the ranges.


Anonymous said...

So you click pictures too! Pretty.

Anyesha said...

anon: Now you know!