Monday, May 22, 2006

Part One - O' Shenandoah

We spent the weekend in the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia which straddles the crest of the famous Blue Ridge Mountains. There seems to be some disagreement over the origins and meaning of the word Shenandoah, but "Daughter of the Stars" is my personal favorite. We stayed in a hiker cabin built in the early 40's – the only one of its kind that still stands on the property.

Bunk beds and a lovely view for only 27 $/night . An electric bulb suspended from the ceiling was our only connection with the 21st century. We never saw any bears but since we were in bear country we had to store our food in a bear proof storage unit.

A neat nest with tiny robin blue eggs was expertly jammed between the porch roof and a supporting beam. We did not meet the proud parent but it was nice to know we had company.

For every 1000 ft increase in altitude the boiling point of water reduces by 1 degree said the high school phyiscs book. And at over 3000 feet, that means instant noodles are not really instant any more.

The positively 1800’s pot bellied cast iron stove inside was a life saver during the cold 40 F night. It was the coldest night we have experienced in this year of crazy temperatures and mild winters. Met the fairer half of a couple who had decided to camp out in the open later in the evening...the fairer half was positively rosy and flushed from the cold air and lack of a good roaring campfire.

.....And since Blogger will not let me upload a whole lot of pictures into one post this shall be the first of a series of four or so posts.


Bidi-K said...

very beautiful! hope you had a good break from work :)

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

You should go there again in the fall. The colours are awesome.


Shreemoyee said...

Think blogger has no specific limitation on the number of pics you can upload in a post. I have been able to upload about 30 in a single one. Nice snaps.

Ph said...

Certainly one of the nicest places in my book. Good thing I live close by too.

Anyesha said...

bidi-k:Yep, I did.

JAP: That's the plan for Fall 2006.

shreemoyee: You are right, there is no limit as such. But Blogger kept crashing on me after 5-6 pictures.

ph: And we are on the same page;-)

Anonymous said...

Shenandoah. Hmm .. Been there done that. Going back for the Jul-4 break. Log Cabins arethe best, let you blend with the greens and browns. Have fun gal!