Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Little Cupcake Love

Last night as soon as we walked into the shop, this little bit of pink fluff and three of her other friends looked up from their place on the counter, batted their eyelashes, made wimpy faces and begged to be taken home. Being the nice, sweet people that we are, we quickly agreed. Back home, the collective weeping, cajoling, moaning started once again....this time they all wanted to be eaten rightaway!! Believe me it took a lot of self restraint to turn a deaf ear to their pleas and randomly pick two and put the other two (by now unconsolable) cupcakes into the refrigerator. Even the Boy was teary eyed and wanted to put the other two out of their misery. But a woman has to do what a woman has to do-preach moderation and good economics (at 3 bucks a pop they had better last more than one dinner). Anways lets get done with the grisly part, we ate the strawberry and orange flavored ones. They were awesome (just like they said they would be). The buttery topping with just the right hint of sweetness and a cake that is dense and moist....heavenly!! My strawberry frosting even had specks of real strawberries in it.

Bottomline, if you are in the DC area stop by Cake Love or its other outlet in Silver Spring. Its totally worth it. Here's a cake shop that loves its fat, flour and sugar and is not ashamed to flaunt it...infact a cake shop that is certainly not for the namby pamby. The moment you enter the store, the warm smells of baking, the gleaming Kitchen Aid stand mixers on the countertop and the rows of cupcakes waiting to be decorated take you back to a time when baked goods did not have an ingredient list that only a chemist could decipher!! Now off I go, the howls from the fridge are getting a little unbearable. Cupcakes for breakfast cannnot be all that bad...can they?

PS: After devouring those cupcakes we sat and watched The Chronicles of Narnia. Please note that this was not intentional or premeditated in any way and in the aftermath the two of us found the incident terribly funny.


Bidi-K said...

cupcakes for breakfast, yummy! :) i am reminded of sunday mornings in ny city when i used to head straight to my fav cupcake shop in the village. once on a whim i also went to the famous magnolia bakery (made famous from sex and the city) and found it so overhyped and unlike the small shops that put so much love and taste into their little creations.

Joy Forever said...

I always say this to my friends: avoid having cakes, ice-creams and other fatty foods, but once you decide to have one, have the one that you like most, even if that means eating the most fatty one. No point in eating a low-calorie cake.

Anyesha said...

bidi-k:I used to be a cupcake fan in India. During my undergrad days that was the only thing I went to the canteen for. Somehow I am not surprised to hear your assesment of Magnolia Bakery as I am pretty sure that most of NYC places they featured on SATC were paid for...basically product placement gimmicks.

joy forever:moderation is the key, my friend.

Ayush said...

wah! why is it that your cupcakes speak to you, but mine don't ?