Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I have to

  • get a fat, lazy tabby cat from the local animal shelter and name him Tama-chan. I found the name while blog hopping and fell in love with its adipose laden, musical sound.
  • learn how to move my left and right feet in sync with each other...preferably to good music. And if that works then I might even work on getting my arms to jiggle along, but given my past record that sounds mighty ambitious.
  • get a drastic hair cut or even pink highlights..yes pink, not blonde. Why?? Because black hair with blonde highlights is eerily reminscent of kwashiorkor afflicted babies.
  • take a cooking class.
  • buy a blowtorch and use it to make creme bulee in cute-sy orange coloured ramekins.
  • figure out whether I need a teapot for once and all. And then depending on the decision either buy it or give up on the idea. No more loitering in the teapot aisle of lifestyle stores, lustily eyeing that perfect red one. My Mom in-law just got me one-7/4/2006.
  • drive an u-haul truck.
  • bungee jump once so that I may claim it as my hobby forever and impress people. Ditto for white water rafting-9/3/2006, para sailing, para gliding and other "para" activities that involve being hurled from an aircraft.
  • learn swimming as someday it might save my life.
  • drop by Alaska to watch the northern lights in the company of polar bears.
  • learn to speak atleast one foreign language because it might be cool.
  • own a designer coffee table like this...totally ugly, uselss but undeniably hip and ooh-la-la.
  • visit the cities in Bangladesh my grandparents called home before the Partition.
  • paint a wall in my home a bright color and doodle on it.
  • eat a whole tub of Häagen-Dazs Rum Raisin ice cream by myself.
  • make the Boy eat oatmeal...he totally detests it.
  • ride a roller coaster...something I totally detest.
  • make myself some original art. Here it is.
  • try to develop a taste for sushi and other assorted fresh seafoods. Taipei, sea vegetable...been there and done that, sushi here I come.
  • learn how to tie a sari. Mission accomplished.
  • learn how to parallel park like I have been doing it from day one on Planet Earth. As of August 2007, I have suddenly developed the ability to parallel! I still cannot believe that I can do it, just like that.
  • dance at a wedding.
  • watch 1,000 midshipmen clamber up an oily pole in May 2007. Just missed the 2006 climb.
  • tile something - a kitchen backsplash, the bathroom, the inside of a closet...anything.

before I turn 40 (hopefully!) and can't stop thinking about my 401(k) plan. This list is a work in progress and shall be updated as and when I think up more to-do stuff.


Aditi Das Patnaik said...

You know what this reminds me of, the John Goddard list. So here is a dude who makes a list of stuff that he wants to do, when he is 15. He keeps adding to the list of course and doing a lot of it too. He is 74 now and here is what his list looks as of now !

It is awe inspiring!!! :)

Cacophoenix said...

I actually did have the rum raisin thing... I was left having the hiccups alll night long. I love the dulce thing. Impossible to pronounce but heavenly..

Kumari said...

I completely agree with the tea pot point. Add to that all other gleaming stainless steel pots and pans. I just can't seem to make up my mind :(

I just joined swimming and hpefully should try sky diving atleast once:)

Here's to our ever-growing lists :p

Bidi-K said...

the list reads great! what i loved about it was the fellow feeling about not knowing how to tie a sari :)

Anyesha said...

aditi: I want to grow up to be like him!

cacophoenix: you got drunk on the rum in the rum that what you are trying to tell me. That is really funny.

kumari: I totally agree.

bidi-k: As the proud owner of many sari's (post wedding) I feel really ashamed that I cannot tie one by myself. Some of them flew home with me and now take up substantial space in my wardrobe without being of any use.

Bidi-K said...

oh yes i know. i feel so ashamed about this too, and have the same dilemma. this time when i went to my parents my mother insisted that i take all the saris with me, which i did and now i just look at them at intervals, and wish... , though i have to say the occassions to wear them here are so far and in between.

Joy Forever said...

Hmm... I want to visit Bangladesh sometime too. My grandmothers on both my father's and mother's sides were from there. I have heard so much about that country, I relly need to see it. I will never try bungee jumping or skydiving though.
And this John Goddard dude is cool... he seems like Ghonada!

Anyesha said...

bidi-k: the story of our lives...or should I say sari's.

joy forever: who be Ghonada?

Anonymous said...

Can't tie a sari :)
You should try white water rafting at Ohiopyle .. Shouldn't be very far from where you live. The waters are good these days. Was there a couple of weeks ago and had a few good dips while roaring down the Yough!

Joy Forever said...

You are a Bengali, aren't you? You don't know Ghonada (or Ghanada), the immortal creation of Premendra Mitra? He's a character who's been to every conceivable place from Medinipur to Mars, and done all kinds of daring things, and been involved in all the important historical events of the last century or two. He likes to tell these tales when sitting with his friends. Most people say it'd all "gool", but that's another issue... ;)

Anyesha said...

anon: not very funny? can you tie one? And thanks for the Ohiopyle tip...will check it out. Btw, do I know you?

joy forever: yes, I am Bengali but one that belongs to the species prabasi-ceus. So my knowledge of Bengali literature is rather elementary. Thanks to you, now I know who Ghonada is.

Joy Forever said...

No need to thank me... it's always a pleasure to give a little "gyan". :)
By the way, I'm also a prabasi-ceus and learnt most about Ghonada in the last few years... so it's never too late to learn!

Anonymous said...

I don't cross-dress, but yes, I can tie one.
And does it matter if we know each other? I just like your writing, so these visits.

Anyesha said...

joy forever: now I know where to go for my Bangla queries...

anon: you are more than welcome...we are flattered. Though for some reason I thought you were someone I knew from school...that is why the sari question?

Anonymous said...

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