Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Foster Food Post

It started of as an experiment where a bunch of us could share the exploits of our geographically separated kitchens. Test results, taste results, lab notes and pictures were posted occasionally. Worked well till real world experiments and labs caught up with the others and I was left alone with my pots and pans. It seems the clarion call of graduation has to be answered to keep the future kitchen fires going. Since this situation will last till a few dozen papers and theses are dispensed with and in one extreme situation a digital camera purchased, I shall post some of the more interesting concoctions of the 8003 kitchen here. It will be a temporary, foster home for my food related posts...can't really send them to an empty, cold home can I?

For my latest adventure I mashed up two boiled potatoes, a can of tuna, some minced scallions, minced cilantro, a teaspoon of this, a teaspoon of hot salsa, a dash of salt and half a cup of bread crumbs. As the Boy and I are apartment dwellers with a temperamental oven, I got the oven going at 350 F before I started smushing the above in a nice glass bowl. The nice glass bowl is totally optional but I use it for a professional Food TV like touch. The ingredients were mashed and shaped into smallish (read 1" dia) balls. Then as an after thought, some raisins were fished out from the pantry and a raisin was stuffed inside each tuna ball. Plain tuna balls...boring. Raisin stuffed mystery tuna balls...now that's creative. The mixture yielded 15 balls which were then baked on a greased, aluminium foil lined cookie tray lined for 15-20 minues. The Boy and I enjoyed two of these as a snack with a dollop of ketchup and the rest were dunked in an all purpose tomato, onion gravy. Unfortunately like most radical ideas this brainwave of mine turned to be theoretically sound and practically...well let's say a little on the tasteless side.


Shreemoyee said...

Keep up with the culinary experiments. Enjoyed your food blog and also the nature post.

Bidi-K said...

they don't look tasteless though. Why not fry them a little? or was it part of a healthy diet?

Anyesha said...

shremoyee: Thanks

bidi-k: no they were not tasteless at all....it was my tepid gravy that proved their undoing. I actually hate the tedious job of frying...this way it all gets done at once without much assistance from me!!!

Kumari said...

I do a variation of this by adding mashed carrots n peas as well. And then shallow-fry them as cutlets :) First time, it tasted awesome, second time, ok, the third time we were too bored n it just lay in the fridge for too long till The Mr threw it out :D

Joy Forever said...

Photo dekhei to jiv-e jal ese gelo...:P
I think they'll taste good enough with plain rice... no need of any gravy.