Friday, May 05, 2006


There, she has done it again, and by that I mean tried acting and spoiled what could have been a half way decent movie in the process. The woman is a beautiful prop, period. A universal truth if ever there was. How come these fancy-shmancy directors don't get it? I am sure the director of this particular assault on our senses would have had better luck if he tried to make the side-lit garlic (mentioned in the Telegraph article) act. Can't really blame the chappie when even dear old Ebert fell for it. Oh!I feel so betrayed.

As a little side note:
I have not watched this movie or that other monstrosity and refuse to do so. So don't even think of giving me the "but this is not fair" spiel. I know it is not fair and you better get used to it. Another piece of advice, before you leave a comment professing your love for Ms. Goo-Goo Eyes or your admiration for her acting skills read the profile. What to do? I am like that only.


Anonymous said... more common topic we dint' exploit that day...

Primalsoup said...

I hate it when they ruin the books that I like. There must be some legal action that ought to be permissible in such cases! :)