Monday, May 15, 2006

The Evil Eye

I am at home today with an awful eye infection which has left the right eye distended and looking like an evil twin of the left one. Not pretty but I have managed to enjoy myself so far. I have been reading "And the Band Played On" by Randy Shilts -a book that makes me really angry at times...."stupid, stupid humans, when will we learn" .

The Boy has been working from home so he has been around. Being the ever considerate, lovely lad that he is, he even got me his Warcraft and Diablo CD's... so that I may amuse myself. I decided to vaccum and clean up the house instead. He really wants me to play Half Life 2, which is totally cool and has awesome graphics. But that is the problem...the graphics are too real and land up being scary. Then there is the whole role play business. In Diablo I can be a Xena like warrior princess or an elf in Warcraft. But in Half Life 2 there is no choice....the only character you can play is of this bespectacled Mr. Gordon Freeman. Why would I want to play as a man and have a female character bat her eyes at me...stupid, stupid game developers. Besides I hate the controls, though I have to admit that picking up things and generally chucking them can be a lot of fun.


Lahar said...

Hi there..

And yes, my wife would be Anjali Varma from Sacred Hearts Convent :-) It indeed is a small world....


Bidi-K said...

hope you feel better?