Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Pizza Lovers Plea

I never thought I would say this, but Antonio's Pizza I really miss you. Would you guys consider setting up shop in my neighbourhood which at the moment is dotted with boring Papa John's, Domino's and Pizza Hut outlets? Come over and explain to these ignoramuses that a large single topping pizza is a culinary atrocity. Mounds of pepperoni on a cheese and sauce pie do not a pizza make...atleast not one fit for adult consumption. And what pray is a cheese pizza? - probably the product of an understocked kitchen manned by a lazy, forgetful cook. Now before anyone says Sbarro..STOP!!! Just like pepperoni pizza, gummy slices of baked leather with green mush slathered on is not pizza in my world. Besides they do not deliver.

An average human being needs at most two slices of the doughy pie to feel satiated...right? And if he/she could have two different toppings or sets of toppings on both he/she would attain the pizza equivalent of LSD induced nirvana...that would be a good approximation of the truth, right? Then why can't I experience pizza bliss anywhere around here? What is it about the pizza-by-the-slice concept that it seems comprehensible only to some guys in New England? U

Then there is the price. Consider this - a medium sized pizza with decent toppings is 25 $ + delivery. However if you had starving hordes to feed and provided the said hordes had de-sensitised taste buds you could order two large one topping pizza's for 15 bucks (and some places will throw in a free coke too)...go figure! And what may I ask is the deal with designer pizza's? The last time I checked pizza was still not in the gourmet category. I don't care on which half you put the jalapenos or in which quadrant you put the chicken(Pizza Hut are you listening?) just give me two slices of pizza topped with everything (read onions, mushrooms, pineapples, chicken, peppers, jalapenos, olives for starters) and a soda for under 10$. Is that too much to ask for?

U: The internet tells me its more of a Southern concept.

PS: This rant was inspired by half an hour of online comparison shopping for pizza (with and without coupons) this weekend. In the end we settled for frozen stuff and till Antonio's comes to town I shall get my pizza from the Trader Joes freezer. The prices quoted are approximate by the way.


Amlan said...

I agree whole-heartedly. The best pizzas I have had were at unassuming mom&pop corner stores while at Buffalo, NY. The stuff that sells at these big name chains are indeed culinary atrocities, not to mention very unhealthy.

The best pizza I have had is at a family run pizza store at Niagara Falls, NY. It was run by a very sweet old Italian Aunty-ji and her sons. They could never beleive that I was above 18 and it became a standing joke.

Oh well! Now I really wish I could get one of those pizzas, wings and a pitcher of beer.

There should be a law against blogs that bring back memeories.

Ayush said...

Hey amlan: I do remember the Pizza place you took us to when Pal and I were visiting ... it was great!

Anyesha, you should try and make a visit to Pizzeria Paradiso on P St. NW in Washington DC. Its now a chain, supposed to be awesome, and they serve by the slice.


Yes I do agree with Amlan. There is a shop called "Just Pizza" on Main Street, Buffalo NY and gawd that pizza was just out of the world.

Generally_Speaking said...

Your post made me want to go out and get a pizza :)