Friday, March 17, 2006

Special Photo Edition - The Wedding Feature

D-Day –2: All good things should begin with a pujo and a wedding should begin with one dedicated to one’s ancestors called “Naandimukh Bridhi", so say the ancient Hindu scriptures. I don’t know what that means but Mom and Dad had been collecting 31 one rupee coins for it. apparently our ancestors on the other side really like one ruppe coins. My Dad even offered rather gallantly to visit the cigarette wallah everyday to get shiny coins in change.
Highlight of the Day: I threw a fit when told to wear a saree at the last moment and the whole crew including the wedding photographer (a separate post shall be dedicated to this man) and the priest spent the remaining time trying to make me smile…so no photos of this one.

D-Day -1: The day was reserved for “Gatroharidra” or “Gae-Halood” which is a communal ragging session where women get together and to much ululating and screeching smear yellow paste on the bride. Luckily for me, most of my Mom’s friends were more interested in oohing-aahing about my saree, Mona’s saree and Sona’s saree to actually touch that stuff...come on who wants turmeric stains on their fancy saree. The photographer was not too pleased with the results as the mild yellow smudges on my face did not look convincing enough!! I was later treated to a humongous meal - “Aiburo Bhaat” or my last meal before the wedding. One is supposed to share the meal with other young women of marriageable age. Here along with the young women, a charming young fellow stopped by to eat the two pieces of fish fry that I had been served. I HATE FISH.
Highlight of the Day: Aforementioned young fella also developed tummy upset later in the day causing mass hysteria among the young women in the camp. Subject young fella's name also caused much confusion in the aunty camp...for privacy issues the name shall not be divulged here.

Loads of guests arrived, among them my Uncle (all the way from Boston). I sat around at home and whiled away time like a good Indian bride talking to anyone willing to listen. At around 3 PM general panic set in as the woman who was supposed to dress me up was running late. After much screaming on the phone and random breast beating (by Mom), she appeared and proceeded to tinker with me for two hours…Ouch!!! My Mom and sister lost the cupboard keys three times over (they have still not found the keys after it disappeared for the fourth and last time!!). My dad savagely muttered “there is no time, no time!!” at the sight of womenfolk running around trying to get dressed. I believe someone suggested he try wearing a sari for a change at which he left....scowling. And then the priest went missing for precisely 10 minute. Poor guy took a little detour on the way to pick up groceries for his wife. For the rest read the Boy’s rather clinical account here.
The wedding itself was rather boring and I could have been a pretty prop for all intents and purposes. Dad gave me away to much chattering in Sanskrit and the Boy accepted me with some more chattering while I wistfully eyed the little banana roasting nicely in the holy fire.
Highlight of the Day:The only delightful part was when after much mumbling and fumbling in Sanskrit the priest asked me to bend down and seek my newly wed husband's blessings...yep! you heard it right....the whole touch feet routine was expected. I am waiting for the video recording which recorded the dirtiest look I have ever given anyone. After a quick look around, much staring at the poor priest and a quick assesment of the situation (followed by an eqaully quick realisation of the futility of rebellion) I bent down and tugged at the Boy's dhoti. Mr. Priest Man just looked on sadly and wept silent tears at the demise of traditions and the well behaved Indian woman (I believe)....though I later found him tucking into an overstuffed plate with glee and we even exchanged knowing glances!!!

D-Day +1:
After a late breakfast with family and some hurried packing I left for Kolkatta with Boy and his family while my parents prepared to leave two days later. We had a rather non-traditional welcome or “Baran” at the Boy’s place as we were welcomed in our normal clothes as opposed to the full regalia of wedding day. More jewellery, grass and assorted grains were showered on us.
Highlight of the Day: We slept in separate rooms as dictated in the old books.

D-Day +2:
The Boy assumed all responsibility for me and so now he pays for all the shopping sprees...Yipeee!!! Also served a spoonful of rice to everyone in the family and then sat down to eat another huge meal…no gallant young man here to eat the fish!! Highlight of the Day: Pranced around in a sari and went to sleep in a flowery filmi style bed. Also ate all the pan I was supposed to feed the Boy as he hates it.

D-Day +3 or Birthday:
SMS from folks, Gifts from Boy’s mom, payesh from Boy’s grandmom – the day seemed to be going rather well for me till this thing replaced me in the evening: The rest of the evening was fun though as friends from Pilani and classmates from high school joined in the festivities.
Newsflash: And at the end of all this we are still not legal!

PS: Somewhere in all this hulabalooo two earth shattering events went unnoticed- my blog turned one year old and the Oscars which I missed.


Buchu said...

thoroughly enjoyed ur and the Boy's description of the wedding. i did warn u that he'd be asked to say 'baa', didn't i? u're wedding sounds like great fun, even if u didn't get to eat much on ur wedding day! all the best for a happy married life. and yeah, do make him pay for those shopping sprees..heh heh.

Bidi-K said...

a wonderful description! very best wishes for a happy married life.

Primalsoup said...

One of the rules of any good wedding is that, it is never meant to be fun for the people who are getting married!
Did you need to stay up all night after the wedding, I remember that happened in a couple of Bong weddings I attended. Most cruel custom I thought! Bashogaur or some such...
Oh anyway, all the best for forever type togetherness! :)

Anyesha said...

buchu: we were actually stumped when a friend wanted to know the menu for the wedding feast...we had no clue.

bidi-k: thanks for the wishes.

primalsoup: The "bashorghor" happens after the kanyadaan which in most bengali weddings happens at the weee hours of the morning. So after the kanyadaan, everyone stays up till next day morning chatting, playing games etc. In the morning they have the "bashi biye" or stale wedding when the vows/saat pheras are taken and then the wedding is formally done with. So in a way the "basorghor" is like half a wedding with a money back option!!
In our case since the wedding was early in the evening (read 8 PM) we decided to go ahead and finish everything with a 15 minute break in between to simulate the "basorghor".

Gini said...

A refreshing blog. Lovely!

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