Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Culture Shock No One Told You About

I was supposed to suffer a great culture shock upon landing on these alien shores. Four years have gone by and there is no sign of any suffering. On the other hand every visit back home has my jaw dropping, eyes popping and my tongue coming dangerously close to my feet.

In 2003: The cell phone was everywhere. Our maid had one, the plumber had one and my parents were beginning to look like social outcasts without one. On a four hour train journey I learned more than I ever wanted to know about my 72 other fellow passengers. Much thanks to the devil's own torture device aka the cell phone. It was also the year I watched "Kaante"...many revelations were had on the Pune Expressway and new Hindi cuss words learned. College kids hanging out at Barista/CCD and all the other swank coffee places was the other big revelation. Had I really been away for a year and a half or what?

In 2004: I sat home and relaxed.

In 2006: All I saw were men in flowery shirts with blonde streaks in their hair, women in strap-y tops with a dupatta thrown in for modesty and Mashima. I am still recovering from the audio visual impact of said Mashima (in taanter sari to boot) exhorting her school going daughter to settle for the skimpy top with a plunging neckline...more khleeebh-age you shee!!! Three Cheers for Globalisation...Hip Hip Hurray!

In this world of rapid change much succor and comfort was found in the company of the ever friendly roadside lout. The dollar may plunge and so might Mashima's daughter's neckline but the neighborhood appreciator of all things woman will remain seated at his post-ever ready to let out a lusty whistle. Nah, no change there just like the Calcutta Airport loo's.


Ishan said...

Anyesha, you have become a Kakima!

RajpaL said...

I know exactly what you mean in this post, Anyesha! I have been away from Calcutta for some years now and each trip back home makes my jaw drop. Mobiles, pubs, clubs, malls, cafes - they are everywhere. Now I can have a Subway, KFC both here and in Calcutta. I dont need that but hey...welcome to Globalisation!!

India Shining?? :P