Thursday, March 30, 2006

And along the way...

this blog turned one. 144 posts and counting....the ride has been smooth so far inspite of all the big i-adjectives hurled at us by a certain sauve, elderly Bengali gentleman half way across the globe!!! In a matter of 365 days this blog has managed to establish itself as the Ikea help desk. So my loyal readers and the not so loyal ones if you ever need help in assembling a Malm bed or a Fagelbo sofa....this is it. We were also the leading light on the juicy details of Rani Mukherjee's love life(for so thought a love lorn Scandinavian)...but that was a short phase and since said Scandinavian has not showed up on our site meter for quite some time now, we believe he has killed himself in a fit of Hindi phillum style passion.

So getting back to the celebrations, we have decided to commemorate this event by waylay-ing some more frazzled Ikea customers who cannot make sense of the symbolic Ikea manuals and look to Google for help. This shall be done by dedicating this blog to our home space (of the non cyber variety) and all the Ikea entities with mellifluous names that reside within.

Here for your veiwing pleasure is Ikea in the living room...represented by the mighty Fagelbo (which means birds nest in Swedish) sofa in blue and a very basic Lack table in white. Together they make up for a very comfortable dining arrangement.

And here by the French windows lies a Persisk rug with Vinde cushions. We usually like to roll around on this one with our big teddy bear on a lazy wintry afternoon...yes we are that corny!!

In a small apartment one needs to create space and delineate boundaries rather creatively. So if the rug defines our space in the sun this Expedit defines the Boy's. Behind it lives the Boy, his music and his mess!

Then there is Jokk Mokk the dining table set and Forhoja the microwave stand in the kitchen. There is also my "Spices" poster which refused to be clicked for this post. And yes....the twin Utsaga's that stand above the sink, Rationell which keeps all my plastic bags in order and some others who are really not that important. However, when last asked all of them said they really liked their new home much better than the cold, dreary Ikea warehouse on Route 1.

A long time back we had posted about the hassles of assembling all our Ikea stuff and the one piece that cause us the most trouble was the Malm bed. Finally we replaced it with the Noresund bed, which we totally love and which looks like this:

And two words of advice for any one who comes here looking for assembling instructions for an Ikea wood bed-EXCHANGE IT! Those wood finish beds in lovely birchy tones or warm mahogany hues is the Swedish idea of a big joke...they are meant to be assembled by lumber jacks and not by you of the measly proportions!

That is it folks,now let us go get ourselves a plate of Swedish meatballs. Incidentally during India trip an interesting discovery was made....this blog enjoy's some degree of popularity among members of our "sasur bari". So here's a big hello to anyone from that side of the family who might stop by and yes, this post is largely meant for you!!!

PS: Go watch Inside Man...good heist movie and better still...go watch Clive Owen enunciating his reasons for robbing a bank with teh strains of "Chaiyya-Chaiyya" playing in the background!!!

PPS: With bad tummy ache and splitting head ache coming on, we feel very WE like today. Shall resolve our mutiple personaltities into one next time...promise.

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Bidi-K said...

very familiar! in an attempt to be creative, we didn't buy full sets from Ikea but tried mixing pieces from Ikea with others, but the overall effect is 'iketopian'. and in our case it was a humongous "Sundnes" bed that we are still figuring out how to complete. also related so well to your previous 'blank noise' post.