Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wedding Update-One

Have nothing to say and have been totally trampled by the elephants of the wedding circus. This juggernaut is beyond our control and the daily telephonic exchanges with the Boy provide some relief on either end. Have been asked to stay indoor to keep the skin clear. Will also be subjected to some vigorous scrubbing, souring and cleaning some time before the D-Day so that I may outshine the yards of silk that shall be used to drape me!!!!

Then there is the bird flu. My brilliant ideas of turning vegetarian (even Baba Ramdev agrees) and feeding a largely carnivorus Bengali crowd vegetables, grains and pulses was met with howls of protest. So now they will be fed 250 varieties of fish and mutton instead.

Loads of women are going through the wedding gifts and other stuff in the next room and the occassional peals of laughter are jarring my fragile nerves. Strange rituals with equally strange names and involving even stranger things are being discussed. I need a really wild bacheolorette party now... Bengali bhadromahila-ness be damned!!!


Aditi Das Patnaik said...

Well well...guess it'll be rather cruel to say that you asked for it :P

Will call in sometime and provide some respite to your fragile nerves :)

indranil said...

besh maja korcho dekkchi :) Cool.. have fun ... and what exactly did old man at metro station say? "aaj kalkar chele-meyera...." yada yada yada???

Anyesha said...

aditi: Unfortunately, that is only too true.

indranil: the old man said "henh!! ghor dor nei"...basically asked us to get a room!!!

indranil said...

Didi, Happy Birthday and biyer congratulations. Ekhaney firley kintu definitely treat chai :)