Friday, February 10, 2006

Ta-ta, B-Bye and Tidddly Pom

We are off in another couple of hours. Posts from India will be few and far between...not an earth shattering event I am told. For a change we are looking forward to the flight as we are assured of each others company. We also plan to get around Calcutta and explore the city a little, eat at all the places Calcutta folks rave about when they get together etc. etc. Since both of us are not originally from The City it should be fun.

In other news, the Boy has been entertaining me with his humorous renditions of the wedding announcement (read with a lot of enthusiam and seriousness from the two sets of scanned cards our parents have sent). So last evening putro-badhu was read as putri-badhu which was further translated to " maane girlfriend" for a rather stunned, mortified me. And some words are more funny than others, so I was treated to a rather nasal poon-ohh every few minutes too, last evening...MEN!!!!!!

putro badhu: daughter-in-law

maane: means

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jm said...

Good luck, Anyesha!