Monday, February 20, 2006

Kolkatta Kronikles-Part One

Landed in Kolkatta on the 12th and soon set out for an intense bout of shopping for things neither of us will ever use but we will apparently need during the wedding or else they-who-can-not-be-named might talk. At the end we were half dead from the pollution, the noise and the crowds. Then there was our driver who insisted on driving in the middle of the road as he was a loyal Communist Party supporter!!!

Day two in Calcutta was also Valentine’s Day. The Boy and I went out on our own and had a nice time. I also got to travel on Kolkatta’s Metro train for the second time in my life. Got told off by a rather disgruntled old man for hugging and exchanging stiff, formal peck-on-the-cheek thingies at the door step…I was very amused. Apparently in the land of Kamasutra (how clich├ęd!), of 800+ movies a year about love, lust and everything in between, a little public display of affection is very affecting indeed.

The wedding circus has set up its big top in town. Clothes are being bought and have been bought for no particular reason and with no particular person in mind. Ditto for jewellery. Invites are being sent out to pretty much half the town. In a country where drinking a 50 Rs. cold coffee can send you on a guilt trip (more on that later)….weddings like this should be banned. And I have been told that the shopping and spending has been curbed on both ends out of consideration for the fact that we might not be able to lug everything back to the USA. The Boy has been learning big and funny Bengali words in the meanwhile.


Subhamoy Pal said...

Shree Shree Poonoh!

Bridhishraddho napit kola dhoop, diragamon raymonds petticoat. Railway booking borjatri, garir horn sarir falls. Kulo boron totto uloo poncho-rotno topor buker maap. Aashirbad mashima, shinni holud dhuti.

Putrobodhu. Kolabou.

Anyesha said...

awwwww...ebar ei gulo ke translate koro!!!

Aditi Das Patnaik said...

God you guys are really at it :) am am completely bowled by Subhamoy's flair for bengali, especially the marriage lingo.

Have fun...!