Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Its Official

I just came back from a surprise lunch with my colleagues. It was supposed to be a pre wedding luncheon for me...blush! blush! and they sure did pick the right place. They also got me a gift card for the same. Hmmm...interesting, wonder how they figured that out!!! Anyway after lunch I did a little guided tour and the first timers got to check out the 580 and 255 square foot homes inside the store.

And yes, we (the Boy and I) are getting married on March 2nd in India. Hence the month long trip. We shall be wed in true Bengali tradition, he shall wear the white dunce hat and I shall get my face painted and I promise there will be no dancing (this one is for an acquaintance who refuses to believe that a bevy of nubile nymphets dancing in electric pink outfits is not de rigueur at weddings).

Now if you will excuse me, I have to figure out how best to spend my gift card money.


Jay said...

Oooh Ikea gift card. Go spend it all on their meatballs - they're lovely!

Buchu said...


now are u getting married the ghoti or the bangal way. being a mix of both may i inform u that if
a) u are getting married the ghoti way then a barber (napit) will whisper obscenities into the Boy's ear, ending with 'ba koro to baba' and then the Boy will have to say 'baa baa' (like the black sheep).
b) if u are getting married the bangal way, then as the Boy enters the house, eggs (raw, not boiled, in all their pristine glory) shall be thrown over his head.

all the very best!

Primalsoup said...

Congratulations! I love Bong weddings, especially when women blow into that conch thing (most spooky)! :)

Anyesha said...

jay: Good idea.

buchu: I am a mix of both too, while I believe the boy is pure bangal...but both rituals sound scary.

primalsoup: I thought that ul-loo-loo thing women do with their mouths was more spooky than the conch.

Sagnik Nandy said...

oshadharon khobor! ei to chai. a million congratulations and hearty wishes to you and Subhomoy. may GOD bless the two of you with a very very happy married life. enjoy.

Buchu said...

so, can u still continue calling him The Boy on this blog?
See, I have a suggestion. You know how Bengali men introduce their wives as: 'eta amar mrs'. I think you should call him My Mr. Or something on those lines!

Anyesha said...

sagnik: thank you, thank you.

buchu: you have reminded me of one more thing that might change (or may be not!!). Aamaar Mr. or even My Ogo...isn't that how bengali wives call their husbands...the whole he who cannot be named hence ogo business.

Kumari said...

Congratulations :)
Hope you have tons of fun at your wedding :)

Buchu said...


Ogo Shunchho.

Ei je shunchho.

Aamar O.

Take your pick. Heh.

Indira said...

Congratulations Anyesha! Enjoy the festivities with your 'boy'.:)
I'm going to miss reading your posts, in my breaktimes.