Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How the Girl Lost Her Groove

Working...that's how. I am trying to wrap up a lot of my open assignments before I leave for India next week. A long time ago in a passionate moment fuelled by youthful naivette I had decided to volunteer as team leader for an in house pilot project and am still paying the price for it. Just to drive home the point about my work load here's a confession, I had my first meal at McDonald's yesterday, after what can be described as an eternity. When hunger pangs attack on the road (which for miles on end has no grocery or eatery and only pawn and liqour stores) you do what I out images of the fellow from Super Size Me from your mind and bravely drive up to the robotic voice of the first McDonald's drive-thru you find.

Another confession, we have pretty much given up on the gym. There is the workload and then there is THAT know, the ladies who don't sweat and the grunting cavemen with perfect six packs who make our rag draped flab miserable. The Cancun Crowd (as I call them) magically appears at the school gym just before spring break to polish their already well polished assets. We of normal genetic makeup (read:with a propensity of storing fat in our guts) are no match for these alien clones in form fitting designer sports wear and quietly move out. It not all bad, atleast you get the lowdown on the hottest fashion trends in women's sportwear, like this year it is the track pants with a rolled down waist band. I could kiss the designer for his/her ingenuity and for sparing us the sight of additional cleavage in places unknown to us!!!

Somewhere along the way, we went and watched King Kong. I know what you are thinking, but dearies one can always make time for what's close to one's heart....which in this case was watching a three hour long drama involving loads of gigantic mean dinosaurs, icky creepy crawlies, one big, big ape, some humans and a mish mash of ghoulish leftovers from the LOTR animation studio. Also watched an assorted variety of strange artsy fartsy movies like:
  • My Life as a Dog: Good look at the strange time called puberty which we don't usually like talking about.
  • Bad Company : Okay this is not artsy, fartsy but sub-standard Hollywood fare carried through on the able shoulders of Anthony Hopkins
  • Tokyo Godfathers : Japanese animation movie about a teenage runaway, a middle aged homeless man and a transvestite who find a stolen baby abandoned by the suicidal thief - one word - really strange.
  • Persuasion: Based on a Jane Austen book, this one is really well done. Almost in the same genre as the latest cinematic version of Pride and Prejudice. The poor look poor and life is not one big, candle lit ballroom here.

The Oscar nominations are out and the Boy I believe is routing for Munich or Crash. I would prefer Munich but I believe it will be Brokeback Mountain's year. Its a moving love story which I liked very much (I am a sucker for sad, tragic love stories) but I am getting a little tired of the whole gay cowboy movie byline and the politicising that has been going around. I would loved to see The Constant Gardener up there too....oh well!

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