Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcoming 2006

Now that you are here to stay (atleast for the next 364 days) you'd better come in and make yourself comfortable. Sorry for not giving you a rousing welcome. You see we are getting old and prefer spending our time playing Pictionary with friends over mulled wine to tooting our car horns in crowded public spaces. Now, now...behave more rumbling earth, crumbling sea floors and thundering typhoons please! And while you are at it, spread around some peace and joy and all the other assorted goodies. Try to be a good year for the environment and the birds, bees, fish and the dolphins (no particular order there but I really do like the dolphins). O-Five was nice to the movies, try to keep that up - will you.

I will be kind of busy with the upcoming nuptials...don't you go sulking around that time. Put on your brightest smile and join in the festivities and make sure to drill some sense into the second person you see headed our way with an ice bucket or an ice cream maker. The Boy will be looking for a job soon, so don't send the employment numbers spiralling down...a little bit of buoyancy in those figures would certainly help.

Can't think of much else right now. I do have a couple of plans (as always) I would like to discuss with you but we can do that tomorrow. Goodnight then, stay warm and keep the volume low (no sudden surprises and that sort of thing!)... and who knows we might just have a whooping time together.

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wandering dervish said...

happy new year didi - to you and subhamoy!
that's a nice post. 'sweet', as the boy would say:-)

Anyesha said...

A Very Happy New Year to you too.