Monday, January 09, 2006

Rusell, Eric and Heath - Australian for Male

Let me say that slowly with a big, magnificient drawl like the guy in the Fosters Beer ad. Aaustraaalian....Mmmmmh...delicious(not the beer, silly).

First there was Russell Crowe of the gruffy,scruffy charms. I went around start struck after watching him die valiantly in The Gladiator, bumble his schizophrenic way around A Beautiful Mind and finally box his way through The Cindrella Man (Gosh! he looks good even with a crooked nose and a battered face).

Then Eric Bana happened...slowly. Black Hawk Down was too much of Josh Hartnett. The Hulk was a bad, bad movie about a good looking doctor who morphs into a ugly block of stone or something really hard once in a while. In Troy, Jolie's luscious lips kept getting in the way and I barely noticed the smouldering-ly good looking Hector. Two weeks back in Munich I finally woke up to reality(man is he hot or is he HOT?) and a reality check (via Google) confirmed that he was yet another import from Down Under!!

Last night during Casanova the final move-over-Gael-Garcia-Bernal-the-Aussies-are-here moment happened. I saw Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain a while back for the first time and registered the fact that he was Australian too. But to be honest, I was more bowled over by his subdued, lip clenching, mumbling characterisation of Ennis del Mar than his achievements in the looks department. But ladies and gentleman, listen up, for I am going to say this only once (because this is one of those rare moments where I shall demonstrate the depths of my shallowness and expose my he-is-so-cute side and may be giggle a little) - Heath Ledger is really cute.

And now I shall retreat into my I-like-guys-with-glasses shell and stay there till I move to Australia which beckons with its warm weather(no more shovelling snow), interesting wildlife (I could theoretically have a pet kangaroo, wallaby, koala or even a scrub python) and gorgeous men!!!

GOOGLE SEARCH OF THE DAY (till now):i want to ride my bicycle lyrics, queen

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