Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Here's How You Connect Turpentine, Munich and Parking

Just when I had gotten used to the water mark on my bedroom ceiling (from a leak some months back in the roof) the painters came and painted over it. I had started seeing shapes up there. After a few minutes of intense concentration, the brownish patch would slowly dissolve into a bear cub's face and the triangular smudge started looking like an INSAT-1 b image of the Indian peninsula. Now its all gone. The ceiling is an even, boring white and the bedroom stinks of paint and turpentine. I slept on the couch last night and fell asleep while watching the Golden Globes. Munich did not win a single award...bad, bad, bad. In other news, my sister lost her ATM card and by the time she realised it someone had gone to town with it, leaving her with with a five figure loss (actually its my Dad who is in the red and don't ask me what she was doing with that sort of cash in her account...long, long story).

And here's something to ponder about. Why do people back into parking spaces and park their vehicles? Don't they realise its nerve racking to watch the driver of eleven seater van with no windows reverse into the parking space adjacent to the one occupied by your cute sedan? Its even more infuriating when the said driver comes down from his high perch with a smug look on his face as if expecting a prize for acing Parking 101. Whether its front end parking or back end parking, both require the driver to reverse atleast once. So why reverse and park when parking front end and reversing on the way out is so much easier. Or is this another of those macho things that I will never get?

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Amlan said...

Very interesting that you should bring up the parking question. I was having the same discussion with a friend yesterday. We of course (both of drive into the lot and back out) had to justify our irritation at folks who backed in and in doing so conjectured that is arguably safer to back out than to drive out, because when you are backing out, red tail lights will attract more attention from passing vehicles than the yellow headlights (or the lack of it, if the sun actually rises where you live) therefore reducing chances of collision!!! So there ya are, pull in and pull out!

Anyesha said...

What can I say...great minds think alike.

Sagnik Nandy said...

ok i dont know if this will satisfy you but i asked a friend of mine who actually does th reverse parking. according to him it takes more effort on his part to reverse park and so he does that in the night when he returns home to avoid bogging him with work in the morning when he is still sleepy - how is that for an answer.


Anonymous said...

If you dont have windows at the back of your vehicle and cant see clearly, it makes more sense to reverse park. cos that way when you are leaving you can watch out for moving two way traffic.

Ayush said...

1. I do think that it might make more sense to reverse park if you do not have the rear-view and are relying on the side mirrors. I would much rather be able to see the traffic while coming out, rather than having to rely on rear-view. In reverse park on the other hand, I principally use my side mirrors to see if I am clear on either side.

That does not negate the sinking feeling as you see the idiot park near your cute sedan.

I said "idiot" ...

Well, that pertains to the bigger question ... Why buy these behemoth 'things' in the first place? They are difficult to park, they take up 1.5 parking spaces [These SUV's, huge vans etc remind me of those people on the flight or bus who think they have a right to usearm rests on both sides and also spill over into other seats]. I will not even start on the effect on environment. These 'things' are also less stable on the road and obstruct the view of other people.
I think HOV type rule should apply to these people: if you are on the road with a HOV (high occupancy vehicle) then it MUST be adequately filled.... the driver of a 11-seater with less than 7-8 other passengers should be fined!! Overall, I feel that unless you have 10 kids, 2 dogs, 3 pigs, a cow and a horse, it does not make sense to buy these things*

* If you do have all those, then you should buy a small car, and run away in it as soon as possible.

Anyesha said...

anon: You gots a point, my dears

ayush: Arre baba, all the thesis writing has clearly gone to your head. But thanks for the thesis on parking anyways...let me understand it first and then I shall squeak out a comment.