Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Gloat Time

The Boy and I have been obsessing about Sudoku for quite some time now. The Boy more than me, if I might say so. Okay, so I do gobble up my lunch in fifteen minutes flat and spend the remaining fifteen in trying to solve one of the many insidious, addictive puzzles here. But my anti social behavior at the lunch table paid off last night when I beat the Boy at solving a puzzle....yippee....gloat, gloat.

GOOGLE SEARCH OF THE DAY (till now):sursum corda, dc

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Kumari said...

My entire family back home is hooked onto it. I just bought a book of 500 puzzles for my mom. It is indeed addictive and now that we've all got the hang of it, our goal is to finish it in record time :D