Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Few Lucid Neurons of a PFTO

Nothing remotely interesting has been happening, unless gatecrashing a conference qualifies as that. The only reason for this post is the lack of heating in my building right now. As my brain rapidly cools down its starting to send my metabolism on a downward spiral. Right now my brain is totally incapable of handling excess load. Any work more tiresome than blogging will cause my brain to collapse and my systems to malfunction. So there, before my brains turns to pudding let me get back to the conference. Well, some days back, a colleague and I just went and ahead and gatecrashed a conference of traffic engineers that was in town....very impulsive, very bad and a whole lot of fun. After an hour and a half of pretentious poster gazing and smiling at random strangers, we ate a good lunch (stole fistfuls of ouzo flavored candies from the restaurant candy platter) and headed back. All this without paying the high three figure registration fee.

A friend from my grad school days got married earlier this year and sent in his wedding pictures today. Really lovely pictures...yes, they are very relaxing to my Partially Frozen Thinking Organ (PFTO). Most of my mornings usually start in front of a computer (nothing unusual there!) viewing pictures of the latest wedding or the newest baby in the social circle. And believe it or not one thing follows the other more closely than I thought. No sooner have you seen the wedding pictures than proof of the bedding appears in the next slideshow. I am getting a little confused with all this given the fact that I seem to have completely missed the maternity bone while on the assembly line. Even the last few lucid neurons of my PFTO cannot come up with one good reason (apart from evolution and the very Abou Ben Adhem-ish biological need to increase one's tribe) to justify the need for wee-little-ones. Believe it or not they (the few lucid neurons of my PFTO) can still think up many reasons against the motion. And I might as well write them down while I still have those few lucid.......

1. We will probably run out of oil and I don't want my future tribesmen to live like their great-great grandparents - without knowing the joys of whizzing around in a metal box at 80 mph.
2. We will have gouged out some more of that ozone stuff and who knows in another 50 years we might have to walk around in protective space suits to keep the radiation out. No way are my little kiddy widdies walking around like blobs on the beach, wistfully thinking of the days when bathing beauties tanning on the sands flirted merrily with half clad men playing beach volley ball.
3. The Republicans in USA and Sonia Gandhi and her clan in New Delhi might still be in power. Also Pat Robertson, this guy and this one might still be preaching.
4. They (the wee-little-ones) are best enjoyed when they are all knobbly, cuddly, gurgle-y and smell of Johnson's baby products. Unfortunately that stage does not last and soon enough you have angst ridden teenagers on hand (*mental flashback of a minnie me from the 90's sends tingly sensations down spine*)

Hmmm...that's all? I am convinced there were more ideas thirteen sentences back, seems like some more parts of PFTO have frozen up. Time to take some drastic action to jump start the thawing process, so off I go looking for warmer climes.

GOOGLE SEARCH OF THE DAY (till now):Lasse Hallstrom


Ayush said...

Hmm, in Calvin and Hobbes too sometimes the 'Dad' makes some very interesting points in favor of getting a puppy instead of a kid :)

Amlan said...

Christ in Heaven!!! You gatecrashed into TRB... :0 How could you... how outrageous... ;)

Anyesha said...

ayush: that is one smart man I tell you.

amlan: who said anything about TRB?