Thursday, December 15, 2005

Who Decided That

a movie like Brokeback Mountain shall play in only two half way obscure theatres in Maryland while King Kong plays to full houses every where? I had read some good reviews, some awful ones and one even called it a chick flick. I would have probably gone to watch the movie sometime next week, but this stupidity makes my resolve to watch it this weekend even more stronger. Atleast I should thank my stars that atleast both theatres are within driving distance.


jm said...

i read that it is about the relationship between two guys. i don't see how somebody could call it a chickflick. but i haven't seen the movie..

Sagnik Nandy said...

go watch king kong - its nice too - try going after 30 mins so that (i) you miss out on some of the boring stuff and (ii) the movie seems less long )

Anyesha said...

I am sure it will be nice, and more importantly simple...a friend described it as "cute bandi...bada bandar types love...papa mama no agree...bandar dies...girly cries".