Monday, December 26, 2005

Weekend Wisdom

An assortment of unrelated thoughts that have been doing the rounds in my head:
  • A simple indicator of longevity is the fact that our folks did not have their grandparents around when they were getting married. Both Subho and I still have atleast one grandparent alive. Its only reasonable to assume that the average age of marriage has also increased over the last 100 odd years. I realised this is true for some other friends and family members too. So there, QED by mathematical induction.
  • In this modern, interconnected world of Orkut, Friendster and their evil networking spawn breaking up is doubly painful and annoying for friends of both parties. How does one decide which one of the morons (the morons being the two entities who after months of cootchie-cooing have now sworn to gouge each others eyes on sight!) to keep on your friends list? And once you have dealt with cyberspace equations, there is still the physical connection which is usually maintained over the phone or through get togethers?It is the common friend who suffers in silence and smiles when A (who just broke up with B) lands up at his/her party with newest accquistion C (that bastard who broke best friend D's heart) and even makes polite conversation with C while remembering not to bring up either B or D. Confusing isn't you see why I think there should be some kind of law protecting common friends from the fallout of messy breakups.
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Amlan said...

Ask Subhamoy about the A-B-C-D situation ... we got a lot of practice dealing with such 'soap'! Of course in the soap days, there weren't too many serious consequences! Now its different. I recently had 2 very dear friends of mine go through a messy break-up. Its difficult, when you want to have them both over at a party, but neither want to see each other ...

May be we should sign contracts when becoming friends with couples, and add a third party indemnification (sic.) clause. Sounds like a pre-nup, but I think every friendship/relationship should be defined by written contracts. I find the idea more and more attractive these days.

Ayush said...

Hmm, almost all of us have experienced the situation of conflict arising out of a couple break-up when you know both closely, or fairly closely. As Anyesha's example demonstrates the situation is made more complex when people are dating or re-dating within a finite set of people. Heee, KhushDC itself tends to be pretty incestuous [I usually just avoid thinking about it].

But here is the contradiction. I think that navigating such reational chaos, and life situations without getting too stressed out is half the fun. We might crib about it, but cn we deny that these also add spice to an otherwise boring life. What would life be without drama?

On a more serious note, maybe these situations in other people's lives help us navigate our lives (at least for those who try not to repeat other people's mistakes). It also build up our social ettiquette and ability to handle delicate situations.

Amlan said...

Exactly ... like bitter medicine and brocoli
... It helps build character!!

Anonymous said...

I would have said something about messy breakups and how they affect common friends, but I believe that Ayush already stated it for me. ;-) On an unrelated note, I wish I knew how people are able to spend hours a day writing and reading these things! Perhaps it is easier in the life of a grad student . . . at least I know that I should never write a blog because it would never get updated. There is just too much to do -- study for the GREs, make career/education decisions, learn Hindi, write letters to new and/or familliar people, buy dinosaurs on eBay, generally organize my life, etc. And TOO much to write about! And I get behind on simple things like e-mail (and Christmas cards) as it is . . . So, in the end, I appreciate all the hard work that you people in the blogsphere put into your work. If only I didn't have such long commutes . . . I would just be lazier, I guess. -Theron

Anyesha said...

Amlan: Yes, I remember those anxiety filled days which were spent in making guest lists and yes, those were uncomplicated days. It is just getting more weird now, add marriage to the A-B-C-D situation and you have cooked up a storm!

Ayush: Nice viewpoint,they should have a note on this somewhere in one of the social etiquette books.

Theron: You have answered your questions yourself dear. Look around you...the people who are blogging are not taking the GRE, learning Hindi or buying dinosaurs or doing all the other wonderful things you are doing. They just sit and boring!!!