Monday, December 19, 2005

Spreading Some Good Ole Fashioned Cheer

Yep, its that time of the year and I am feeling all Christmas-sy in my bones. The Greenbelt tree is standing all decked and lonely in front of the Community Center. The Norwegian tree at Union Station is surrounded by glass display boxes with the latest in Swedish innovation. Voss was there (who would have thunk!)...but no Ikea (not fair I tell you). And here is my little, mass produced conifer from Target which is sending out waves of festive vibrations from its little perch on the table.

What else, got whopped at Warcraft. Infact I accepted defeat even before the boy and his armies attacked me. I shall give it a shot sometime again over the holiday weekend, after my ravaged self has recovered from the trauma of seeing my heroes being hacked to death repeatedly. On Sunday we went to the Freer Gallery in DC and watched a Vietnamese movie called "The Desserted Valley" about the travails of two teachers and a principal who try to keep a village school running while dealing with their own emotions...simple and poignant. Followed this up with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory during dinner...ummm, interesting...but was Willy Wonka really so Michael Jackson-ish? The Oompa Loompa's doing Govinda steps were fun... there's nothing like a little Hollywood froth after a heavy meal of indie films....burp!

Oh yeah, the civil servant has waxed eloquently about the City. It set me thinking about:

The local trains, the fisher women with baskets of salted fish, the scramble to catch the Churchagte se Andheri jane wali tej local, the last train home, the the foot bridge at Andheri Station and the romantic railway bridge between Mankhurd and Vashi, flagging the Dadar-Pune bus on the highway. Nights on a hill, the distant lights of Panvel, the slow tortured movement of headlights on the way to Tropo.

Friends family who became family. Watching Uncle's plane land in Santa Cruz from an apartment in Andheri. Waiting at the table for Uncle's famous rasam to arrive enveloped in steam. Afternoons with Meena Kumari and the house full of Swarovski and the 10oo dollar crystal duck. The woman with a family of 15 in a one HKB unit, she saw the future...did she this too.

Haji Ali, Mount Mary, Mahalaxmi and Siddhivinayak all in a day. Why did our God make us wait the longest?

Beena, Glen Eagle and the unvisited rooftop, vada pav at Vashi Station, sucky food at Starter's N More, candy floss at 2 AM, pav bhaji and The Little Prince at the beach, lunches at Govindas, the McDonald's outside VT, the Barista near Sterling, that little market near Parel and the ice tea shop in the little tunnel near VT station.

Being broke in the city, getting lost in the city, finding friends in the city, getting drenched in the city, watching rains go by in the city, being young in the was all much fun because it was just a one night stand between strangers...anything more than our furtive flirtations would have bred familiarity...anything more was an entity beyond the grasp of our young minds...anything more and I would not be writing this.

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