Monday, December 05, 2005

On the Loss of A Dear Old Friend

I met him in the summer of '96 and soon we were off to one adventure after another. We battled monsters and ghouls. We fought for hours at an end. We vanquished some and beat a hasty retreat at the sight of others. He got himself tatoo-ed with my name and I flaunted him shamelessly at every opportune gathering.

He travelled with me to college, to that dusty little town at the edge of the desert where new adventures awaited us. There in the dead of the night, we would break through the Numal's line of defense or force ConSys into knobbly knee-d submission (with the help of his number crunching skills). Yes, those were the good times. But soon I was in love and spent most of my waking hours doing what people in love do (OT/OR be damned!!). Our best days were over and he (being ever so smart) entered a stage of semi retirement.

Ever the loyal friend he stayed on with me, through grad school and its associated turmoils. I took him along to my office - my first real job. He was disintegrating, his armor was cracked, the tattoo had tarnished a bit but his mind was sharp as ever. He came out once in while to help me.
Friends advised me to let go of him but I could not do it, and now he has been cruelly taken from me. Dear FX 82 , I will miss you and may the blighted soul who stole you rot away.


Buchu said...

so my first fx 82 was a gift from my sister with her first salary cheque. and it got stolen from my bag in school within 24 hours. so got myself another one, which i lost only last year while moving house. i do share your pain, even though i did history in college and didn't really use it, the fx82 and I have had some good (and bad...) times...

Ishan said...

somebody stole your fx-82!! that is so horrible. may he rot in hell!!