Friday, December 02, 2005

Oh! the Thinks You Can Think

I had signed up the boy and myself for an NPR ticket giveaway and we both won tickets!!The tickets were for the children's musical -Seussical. And since we had six tickets between us, we invited my colleague, his two kids and another colleague too. Live shows have a gush of adrenalin that TV can never reproduce and this was no different. Basd on the stories of Dr. Seuss this was one live wire act and I would highly recommend it to folks with children.

Yesterday evening we had a famous blog personality and his pretty wife over for chai pani and over samosa's, fish chops and chai blogging and bloggers were discussed and insights gained. It had to be cut short as Bob's graduation party beckoned. This like all Bob and Allison parties had some uniquely hilarious moments fuelled by the rather healthy dose of the -OH radical in all things liquid and the nice nibbly munchies . Bob also got out his case of some rather strange flavored sodas for our tasting pleasure...think turkey, stuffing or even better - brussel sprouts bruschetta!!!

And ladies and gentleman here are the painted pots and pans from an earlier outing. Featured here are Singh's primordial chip and dip tray, Amlan's grecian urn with Maxwell's equations, Subhamoy's pitcher, Sunyana's pretty sun box and my mocha cup.Weekend movie: Children of Heaven by Majid Majidi.
It's everything a children's movie should be. No moralising, no questioning and none of that and -this-is-what-we-stuffy-grown-ups-think-you-would-like-to-watch. A poor boy loses his sister's shoes and has to play a kind of relay race everyday as they share a pair of shoes between them and try to attend school (which conveniently meets at different times). They know that their poor father is trying hard to provide for the family and do not want to bother him further. The brother finally gets to participate in a race (thanks to all the running to and from the school everyday he gets really good at running) which has as a prize -a pair of sneakers. I will not reveal the ending here, but rest assured you will not be dissapointed. I really liked the fact that director focussed on one story and told it well. The little girl in the movie goes to school dressed like a nun (no little girl anywhere should be made to dress like that). But Majid Majidi keeps the movie tripping along so gaily that you never for once feel that anger swell inside. In the movie Fersheteh is a just little kid who is ashamed of her brother's dirty sneakers and would love to wear pretty flowery shoes like the other girls. And her school dress is just like any other school uniform - boring and routine.

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