Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Google Epiphany

I can't think up enough witty, smart or fun things to post about every day. I don’t have an exciting social life either that could generate copious amounts of post worthy material. I watch a lot of movies but posting about movies makes this site read like a movie review site and we all know there are far better sites for that. Besides my friends start a commenting war every time I post my views on a sensitive movie. The comments get more interesting than the post and threaten to completely overshadow it. So what is a girl with limited resources supposed to do to keep her precious few readers from running away? Where is the dismembered voice from nowhere when you need it most?

“Well she could try to morph into some form of hyper active social butterfly for one and write about cocktail parties attended in cocktail dresses or her latest footwear obsession”.
“Naah!! too late for that, besides there are too many of those around any way”.

“She could go anonymous and write scandalous posts about the love lives of her real friends, imaginary friends, imaginary pets or even long dead ancestors. There is quite a market for that sort of stuff you know. And she could just make it up along the way and no one would even know”.
“Nope, its way too creepy. And anonymous bitching is like non-alcoholic chardonnay, might not taste bad but it is certainly not the real thing”.

“What about her daily trysts with Google?”
“Yeah, what about that?”

“Well, she does spend a huge chunk of her daily computer time trawling the vast repository of information that is the cyberspace for random pieces of information with the help of Google”.
“So she does. Infact you wouldn’t even believe some of the really random stuff she goes looking for”.

“That’s settled then, she could just post the weirdest keyword she Googled during the day and voila! a new post is assured each day”.
“Hmmm!! Not bad, not bad at all for a little dismembered voice from nowhere”.

So from today onwards (actually I put in one for the last post too) I shall try to post the weirdest keyword I used during the day (apart from any other weird stuff that might catch my fancy). And like all important beginnings, this too shall have a dedication. So folks, this new endeavor is dedicated to all those people who Googled their way to this site looking for directions to assemble their Ikea furniture and especially to an unknown Scandinavian fan of Rani Mukherje who keeps getting misled here. Thanks a million for increasing my Google page rank by just stopping by.



Ishan said...


Anyesha said...

huh!!What? Why?

Ishan said...


my google search of the day was "define:chore"

Anyesha said...
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Anyesha said...

I see you are very much the 'ping' and "oink" guy even now.

Ayush said...

Hmm, if the trend continues, then very soon you will be posting "anyesha" as the 'google search of the day' :)

lol, in the meantime, you might start with Ayush, since I am already there

gee hee, you really love the comments, don't you ?

Anyesha said...

Ayush:I reseve first name searches for old flames!!! hahahaha...try that sometime, its great fun. Comments I like, comment spars don't like.

Bengali Guy said...

Google "bengal" - interesting first link.