Sunday, December 25, 2005

Flash Fires and Fried Silicone

The Boy's computer is fried, rather the motherboard is. He has been inconsolable ever since he inadvertently managed to cook his motherboard while flashing his BIOS yesterday morning. Memoirs of A Geisha was watched and was followed by some random partying with strangers last night to cheer up the Boy. Nothing seems to work. Even the prospect (and later reality) of defeating me at a game of Scrabble has not been enough to recover his spirits. The innards of his old machine lie scattered all over and his new 19 inch flatscreen monitor sits sullenly in a corner while he mopes around. A new motherboard has been ordered, so hopefully this morbid stage is not going to last long. He has my laptop so he can continue working, so blogging shall be erratic for a while.

Santa got us a home theatre system this season. Thanks Ishan, Supratik, Bugs and Baby Manocha -all ye Santa's helpers. Arthur's Perfect Christmas is becoming a a part of our holiday tradition. It is a really nice Christmas story, catch it if you can on your local PBS channel.

Movies of the Week: Memoirs of A Geisha -good; Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy - so-so, watch this only if you know the jokes and references.

GOOGLE SEARCH OF THE DAY (till now):what happened to the chestnuts
So go ahead and enjoy whatever remains of the holiday and don't forget to turn up fresh faced and bright eyed for the fabulous after Christmas sales at your local mall tomorrow. I shall go ahead and roast myself some Korean chestnuts.

PS: Here is a picture of my roasted darlings...okay they are not what they are usually cracked up to be in songs and stuff. They are sweet and taste more like roasted dalia than any nut I have ever tasted. We had some of these, the left overs will be made into chestnut/almond cookies tomorrow.

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