Monday, December 12, 2005

Digital Dolby and Others

I really like the Digital Dolby soundtrack video that they play in movie theatres before the movie begins. I mean really, in the sense that I look forward to it. I like the one where a bunch of weird kids play weird instruments. I like the one about the sun rising in a temple of Luxor like scenario - see, I totally like it. And before I forget, I also like the little snippet about the fat opera singer about to burst out into song when a cell phone beeps. I heartily join in with the recorded aw-aws at the end, never mind that it is a reminder to turn off your cell phones.

Weekend Movie: Syriana
Comprehensive look at the way oil and those who control it run our world. The movie may be too smart for its own good. Case in point, I still haven't figured out why its called Syriana. I may be forced to believe Supratik's PJ about how the movie makes pit stops in major Middle Eastern nations except Syria. Hence the name. it!


Anoop said...

I don't think that the title has anything to do with Syria. Syriana is the name of an unexisting country that the thinktank intllectuals and oil and gas analysts and bankers in DC and NY want to create. One of the basic ideas of this movie is that almost all middle-east countries are 'fake countries' with no basis in actual ethnicities or nationalities on the ground. One may also say that Syriana is 'Syria + Iran' but I don't think thats what the director wanted it to mean. Most probably its the code word for a 'pipe-dream project' of some K-street policy wonks in DC.

Anyesha said...

anoop: Thanks...I knew this would be easier than going through 100+pages generated by a Google search...I gave up after the first two (which were devoted to the movie btw).
I had a feeling it was the name of the imaginary country where the movie is based, but some critic said otherwise.

Ayush said...

Hmm, i think anoop pin-pointed it right as a unexisting country ... a think tank project. ..... i was hearing an interview on NPR with the script-writer and that was the view put forward.

Sagnik Nandy said...

i still like supratik's version - actually i love it :) btw, since you watch so many movie - go and watch this slightly old movie called deconstructing harry - i loved it

Anyesha said...

ayush: for a change you and anoop actually agreed.

sagnik: thanks for the suggestion, have added it to my Netflix list. I love Supratik's version too.

mezba said...

Hi, got here from Random Thoughts from a Confused Mind blog.

Syriana is a code word used by US intelligence to denote islamic extremists.

It's a brilliantly informative movie, but a bit long and boring for the masses.

Anyesha said...

mezba: Thanks for the information. I do agree with you that the movie will not be understood by people who do not possess a working knoweldge of the politics of crude oil.

Amlan said...

Deconstructing Harry is a great movie, I concur with Shagnik, go watch it. (Of course I barely ever not enjoy a Woody Allen movie... but even then). I have a theory, that Annie Hall, Manhattan and Deconstructing Harry are actually a part of a trilogy where the protagonist indeed is our man Woody Allen.

Sorry for splitting hairs, but the word 'unexisting' (even the Americans haven't come up with it ... yet!) is indeed 'non-existant'!