Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thanksgiving Feast- Part One

The soporific effects of turkey, mashed potatoes and too much gravy are rippling through my blood stream. As usual the dessert table was overflowing and choosing one over another was one fine balancing act ("did you eat the pie my wife made", " Hey! try the sweet potato mash my girlfriend made" - not only do I have to worry about Tom, Dick and Harry but also about Mary, Jane and Ashley and their rejection phobias !). Was tickled pink by a gentleman at my table who was trying really hard at being friendly by asking intelligent and thought provoking (so, he thought!) questions about India. Here are a few samples:
  • "So what is the religion of India?" . One being told that India is secular country he wanted to know whether we were all Seventh Day Adventists. "You see my Indian neighbour is a Seventh Day Adventist". If I were to extend that theory to this country all Americans would be like my neighbour - big with a penchant for thumping music that rattles the floor boards.
  • "What kind of country is it?". Huh!! This one really got me till he offered the words king, queen, dictator by way of further explanation. My answer of democracy brought a happy gleam to his eyes as he mentally knocked one more country off his To-export-democracry-to list.
  • I was waiting for the arranged marriage part of the conversation to come up but I think I paid way too much attention to my dessert causing him to lose interest.


New blogger friend said...

Are you a Seventh day Adevntist???

Anyesha said...

No I am not...

Anonymous said...

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