Monday, November 07, 2005

Men and Aluminium Foil

What is it about the sight of a gleaming white stove top that makes men reach for the nearest roll of aluminium foil? My ex housemates claimed it helps in keeping the stove top clean - a highly contentious claim if ever there was one. As far as I am concerned, covering the stove top in swathes of aluminium foil serves only one purpose - self delusion. If you keep thinking you are saving yourself the trouble of regular cleaning and all you have to do is remove the foil to reveal the squeaky white insides, then you are severly deluded. What happens to all the stuff that gets inside - you know the muck you cannot see? Or the grease that gets through the holes in the foil armor and attaches itself firmly to the stove top, what about that?

Now if it were a really ugly stove I would understand, but why cover up a new stove? Wouldn't manufacturers start selling cut outs of disposable foil for covering the stove top if it was really useful?

And then what about the environmental and social impact of all that aluminium waste? What???...never hard of that. All ye ignormuses, seek enlightenment on the subject of Aluminium and the Third world from my friend Amlan.

PS: This rant was the by product of my early morning visit to the office kitchen, where I discovered a rather portly gentleman covering up the stove top of our brand new Maytag range in aluminum foil. He also insisted on sticking it to the sides with duct tape - the sign of a true proffesional. The end result - the new range looks positively space age , all set to blast off on board the next space shuttle!


Casablanca said...

Hahahaha... didnt know people do that. Funny :D

Amlan said...

I don't use Aluminium foil. The occasions when I do I try to reuse it as many times as possible (it can be very easily reused). Drinking out of Al cans is completely unacceptable. Every bit of Aluminium you use is causing huge environmental damages besides the toll it takes on the livelihoods of the diplaced people due to mining. For more information read