Friday, November 18, 2005

Just Realised...

  • Airports and railway stations make me very homesick. Even the eerie voice over the PA system announcing departures and arrivals from strange lands and exotic shores reminds me of home and that dismembered lady who crooned " Nai Dilli se Puri jane wali Puroshottam Express do ghante late chal rahi hain"* or "Kulkatta se aaye huye Mr. Sen aapki party aapka platform number ek pe intezaar kar rahi hain" **. But bus terminals do not engender the same feelings, probably because I am still not over the traumatic treks to ISBT long, long ago.
  • Why do all the gardners in romance novels or TV serials about desperate aunties/sexy singles sweat it out shirtless in the garden (with wildly toussled hair and lips curved into an ooh-la-la pout to match!!). How come none of the gardners, lawnmower men etc. etc. around me never enjoy such a pheromone charged relationship with their garden tools??
  • I waste way too much time blog hopping...its taking over my world and I am scared the lack of a reliable internet connection on my next trip home will induce some form of nervous breakdown.
  • Its another thing that I will probably have a nervous breakdown regardless, as I also have the whole wedding thingie (it comes complete with obnoxious aunties, loud mouth uncles, pesky know-it-all neigbours, over excited parents and a clueless groom) to deal with. So far it has been quite a ride, not unlike Veena's. The groom is still very convinced that during the last phone call his parents asked him for his dhoti/dhuti measurements.

* Purshottam Express which runs between New Delhi and Puri is running two hours late.

** Mr. Sen from Calcutta, your party is waiting for you on platform number one.

ISBT - Inter State Bus Terminal in Delhi


Amlan said...

Dhuti measurements... well depends i do know that there is 'haath' measure for dhuti but don't remember the exact numbers... may be 12 haaths and 16 haaths. Now if they are looking for dhuti waist/length measurements then your groom will be wearing a pull on pre-tied trouser-type dhoti... possibly it comes with a zip!!!

Sagnik Nandy said...

thanks for reminding me of good old ISBT - aaah! sweet memories :)

Sagnik Nandy said...

i disticntly left a comment that just disappeared :(( yanyway what i said was that "thanks for reminding me of good old ISBT again" :)

Anyesha said...

Amlan: No, I think your friend is just confused...they must have asked him about something else.

Sagnik: Sorry for the disappearing comment, it was the comment moderation thingie I was trying. Have turned it off as it is too much work.