Tuesday, November 15, 2005

An Evening Among Books

Yesterday evening we found ourselves at the Politics and Prose Bookstore in Northwest DC quite by accident. Vikram Seth was to promote his new book at this bookstore and I had managed to catch a little snippet advertising the said event on NPR earlier in the day. We got the best seats- on the floor, close to the speaker! The reading session was pleasant and Q&A afterwards short, sweet and too the point. After the talk we got our copy of "Two Lives" duly signed and left with a lighter wallet to have dinner with a friend. Post dinner we once again found ourselves at a bookstore - but this time we were there for the coffee.


Docs Dope said...

hehe....i had an evening among boobs ;-)

Anyesha said...

Good for you I guess...but erm!! did you have a point?

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