Sunday, November 27, 2005

Black Friday and the Following Days

Friday: The cool sales were over, the crowds were still there though. Tested our hunter-gatherer skills in the parking lot. Shoes were bought and lattes were sipped to get the creative juices flowing for the next session..Paint Your Own Pottery- a tankard here, a dragon there and a primordial chip and dip tray to top it all. The Saif Ali Khan tradition was kept alive by Parineeta - no peeping underwear here (most therapeutic). Only jarring note - Sanju Baba.

Saturday: French food and the hunt for the elusive French loo. When the Bouche de Noels come out you know it is time for Christmas. Artsy Fartsy stores with the Walking Vessel and 500$ lamp shades can be fun and walking by the IPod store can be an exercise in self restraint. Ikea rocks and home made kichudi with tomato chutni even more. Sarkar is all about smouldering looks and mafia life in slow motion - the fast Forward button greatly enhances watchability!!

Sunday: The house is half empty and conversations about the prostitution of academia ricochets off the walls. A fat omlette with trappings at the Cafe beckons...b-bye.


Casablanca said...

Did I read Sr.Flavian in your earlier posts?? I had a Principal by the same name too... Sacred Heart, by any chance?

Anyesha said...

Yep, she is the one. And I did go to Sacred Heart.

wandering dervish said...

good makeover.has a certain ikea-ish feel to it.or am i hallucinating?:-)

Anyesha said...

Thanks..I got bored of the Green Lantern look. I loved the bold colors on this one, but it still needs some tinkering. I am not sure about the Ikea-ish look though.

Casablanca said...

Ah, it is a small world indeed :)

SHS was a nice place to be... still meet Sr.Flavian sometimes when I go back to Jsr.